Our Team

Our Team

Our highly skilled staff goes above and beyond what is required

We have a staff complement of over 120 individuals. Of these, 12 are directors of the firm, 40 are attorneys and candidate attorneys, and 65 are specialised and general support and administrative staff.

Meet our Directors:

Phatudi Maponya

Chairman (Majority Shareholder)

25 years+

B. Proc, LLB, H. Dip Company Law

Corporate Law and regulatory issues, high profile government matters, mergers and acquisitions and competition law issues.

Founder of South Africa’s leading black law firm. Oliver Empowerment and Topco Media’s Business Leader of the Year in 2016. Special advisor to government ministers and government institutions on frequent occasions.

Baitseng Rangata


17 years post-admission

LLM (Intellectual property law) B.Proc, LLB

Commercial Litigation, Civil Litigation, Tax Law, Intellectual Property Law, Family Law, Labour Law.

Managing Director of one of the biggest black commercial law firms. Appointed Co-chair of Maponya Inc. in 2017. Chairperson of the Black Lawyers Association (Gauteng Branch).

Perfecting the skill of excellence; deliver beyond expectation.

Love what you do! Do not compromise yourself. Set no limits. Set no limits. Excellence is the order of the day. Confidence in your team. Team work strengthens relations and output.

Mr Maponya, a living example of empowerment. The firm is inclusive, all working together for the common goal. He offers opportunities to all. He is a good teacher; successful, yet very humble.

Tasneem Banu Antulay

CEO, Human Resources Director

19 years post admission

B Proc, Certificate in Accounting

Civil Litigation, Civil Litigation/ Third Party Litigation. I also sat on the SARS Appeal Board.

Professional success: becoming CEO of Maponya Inc. Personal success: my four boys.

Hard work reaps the ultimate reward. 

Hard work and dedication

My Dad – no thinking about this one. The most intelligent man I know.

Brenda Rangata

Director, Training Director, Company Secretariat

19 years

B. Proc, LLB, currently studying for LLM

Third party law, labour law, evictions, immigration law and general corporate law work and general litigation.

Becoming a director at Maponya

To work to my full potential by satisfying my clients and employer by working hard. Hate being late. Work as part of the team which make the firm or the company achieve its goals. Principled and ready to learn always by adapting to different situations at different times. Commitment to success and by being supportive to projects the firm undertakes.

I always want to learn new things and have the right attitude and motivation. Not scared to ask and to be involved. Cannot say no and therefore cannot disappoint. Not scared of failure and courageous with sense of responsibility.

My Grandmother who has raised me. She always says to me one has to work hard for the things they want in life.

Lynne Koen


10 years since admission. Over 20 years’ experience in personal injury law.

BLC, LLB, Certificate in Advanced Business Rescue (UNISA), Certificate in Advanced Insolvency Litigation and Administration Practice (UP).

Personal injury law, insolvency law, business rescue, civil litigation, consumer law, evictions.

Commitment, dedication and loyalty towards work. Commitment will bring in dedication, hard work and best results.

Planning, planning, planning. No procrastination allowed. Forgiving others. The belief that I am the master of my own destiny on earth.

My Grandmother – she taught me the value of family and faith. My parents – they taught me the value of hard work and integrity. My husband – he taught me the value of perseverance and self-belief.

Kgaugelo Mogashoa


11 years

Commercial and corporate advisory including SLA/contracts drafting, negotiation and interpretation, Policy formulation, Due diligence investigations; Interpretation of legislation; Foreclosures; Implementation of POPI Act and PAIA, Personal Injury litigation.

Working on an assignment, for the implementation Data and Information Privacy and Protection at QCTO

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded

Never drop the ball!

My mother who taught me resilience. My brother, who is in the same profession as myself. He taught me that the profession is not only about chasing the money; it’s about patience, getting the fulfilment and the passion. It is a slow journey that needs a long term humble approach to appreciate the returns.

Sally D. Maila


3 years post admission and 10 years experience in personal injury law

General civil litigation and third-party litigation

When I resigned from full time employment in 2012 to do articles, I never thought that in less than 5 years I would have reached this level, being appointed as a Director after on three years post admission.

To work hard and always put in extra effort.

Live a balanced life, work and family. Life does not always work out as planned, but with a plan you can adjust momentum.

My late mother, she taught me to treat everyone with respect, irrespective of the position you occupy or on who they are or where they come from.

Suraya Veerasamy


Admitted as an attorney: February 2003. Admitted as a Conveyancer: January 2006. Admitted as a Notary: June 2017.

Conveyancing and property law

Being part of the Maponya team recognised by a client as a top performing firm by a client on whose panel we had only been for a year.

What gets measured, gets managed

I measure success in terms of comparison to past achievements, my contemporaries and positive feedback from my clients.

A paralegal that I worked with. She was knowledgeable, thorough and fearless.

Thabiso Patrick Baloyi


7 years post Admission experience

General civil litigation

Being appointed a director of Maponya

Positive attitude towards your work bring about good results.

Good planning and time management

My mother who told me that nothing is impossible for as long as you work hard to achieve it.

Kgabo Maponya


7 years (five of which as an admitted attorney)

Administrative and constitutional law

Having successfully acted for numerous mining firms in concluding extensive commercial agreements as well as litigation in the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do” – Pele.

Hard work, perseverance, learning, studying and sacrifice

Phatudi Maponya and Okkie Blom, my direct mentors. They taught me that preparation, hard work, and learning from failure is the recipe to becoming an astute lawyer.

William Maodi


6 years

LLB, Certificate in tax law, certificate in commercial law.

Company law, Employment law, Due diligence, Transactional Advisory, Negotiation and Vetting

Founding President of the Black lawyers Association Student Chapter in South Africa , current deputy chairperson black lawyers association Gauteng province

You are as good as your last assignment /case as a lawyer

Godfrey Pitje – he liberated black lawyers in South Africa

Kholofelo Seabi


17 years post admission

B.Proc (UP)

Civil litigation, contracts and governance

Being able to transition from the public sector to private sector in a highly-demanding managerial position, and I still stand and thrive!

Do the best that you can!

Never imitate anyone, unless it is for growth and success. Repetitive GOOD habits yield positive results and prevent re-inventing the wheel.

My mother. She successfully raised five children single-handedly through hard work, dedication and loyalty; in the journey playing both roles (mother and father). Also, never leaving anything to chance.

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Learning from the past, excelling in the present and evolving into the future, Maponya prides itself on supplying outstanding legal services to current and future clients. With specialised knowledge, highly skilled lawyers and extremely efficient support staff, Maponya continues to expand its reputation as a premier law firm both in South Africa and beyond.